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About the Country Doctor Youth Clinic

The Country Doctor Youth Clinic was started in the early 1970's in response to the medical needs of homeless youth. The mission today continues to be to provide for the medical and social needs of street involved youth ages 12 through 23.

Our clinic is housed in the Country Doctor Community Clinic at no cost to us. It is an attractive, well designed clinic site and our host clinic is extremely supportive and generous. The clinic, which operates two evenings per week, respectfully provides care, labs tests as well as prescription and over-the-counter medications at no cost to the youth. The staff is University of Washington Adolescent Medicine faculty, resident physicians, medical students, social work interns, and volunteers. In addition, volunteer complementary providers including a licensed acupuncturist and licensed massage therapist provide care under the supervision of the precepting physician.

Our clinic is a small teaching clinic that has the luxury of taking the time to listen to our patients. We see approximately 10 patients an evening. Each of these patients may receive multiple services.

Many youth rely on our services and their primary health care. Primary presenting problems are varied and often reflect the nature of homelessness. These include: Sexuality related issues, including STD screening and treatment (confidential HIV testing available); pregnancy screening and referrals; and contraception including OCPs, Depo Provera, Nuva ring and Emergency Contraception; upper respiratory problems; dermatology problems, including lice and scabies; musculo-skeletal and stress related problems.

Shelter referrals are made if indicated and available. Clinic staff is also uniquely able to make and support appropriate referrals for mental health care, drug treatment, meals, clothing, alternative drop-in school as well as healthy social and recreation choices. Bus tokens and a lollipop are provided after a visit. Cotton socks for those in need, etc.

The clinic operates very simply without significant administration costs. Funding for Country Doctor Youth Clinic is minimal and includes donations from two churches and two part-time salaried staff funded by HealthCare for the Homeless. Northwest Hospital provides our lab testing pro bono.

Thank you for your interest in our clinic.